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Review: The Beauty by Aliya Whitely

The Beauty, a 2014 novella by Aliya Whitely, takes place in a near-future in which a fungal disease killed off all women a few years prior. The characters are an isolated, self-sufficient enclave of men, and the nearby cemetery in which … Continue reading

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Stuff I’m Up To

My February short fiction post is up at Skiffy and Fanty. Some powerfully emotionally evocative ones this month. I also decided to start trying to cover at least one novella a month, because if there aren’t enough sources to filter … Continue reading

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Pretty Like a Weight — Guest Post by Bee Sriduangkaew

“The fox’s hair is blue highlights and ringlets, her eyelashes dusted gold, her wide mouth lipsticked peach orange. Everything clashes. She is still breathtaking…” Almost without meaning to, when I wrote Scale-Bright I filled it with beautiful women. Some of … Continue reading

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