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Sexual Violence in Epic Fantasy Follow-up & Linkspam: Sansa Stark

My reaction to the Game of Thrones episode “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” is very personal and very meta. And I didn’t even watch it because similar problems rendered me unable to watch that show long ago, but witnessed my Twitter feed … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones full of romance, sex, feelings.

I read this book Game of Thrones a while back and it was just so full of emotions and angst and romance that it’s icky. It opens with this scene that clearly indicates the brutality of the culture of Westeros, … Continue reading

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That Rapey Scene in Game of Thrones. *trigger warning*

I haven’t watched it. I don’t plan to watch it. But I have been hearing about it, of course, since the SF/F community has exploded over it, and rightly so. And I’ve read several descriptions of it by now. A … Continue reading

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Manic Pixie Monday.

Assorted links for your perusal: ‘Game of Thrones’ Could Have Been Much Worse — Feminist blogger Sady Doyle once again takes on Westeros, highlighting some of the more problematic aspects of the novels and addressing how the show makes some … Continue reading

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Why I like Sansa, and not Daenerys

Sometimes I wonder if, when we pit female characters against each other in an imaginary fandom deathmatch, we’re really not doing ourselves any favors in a feminist sense. But then I also wonder, do writers actually set this rivalry up? … Continue reading

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