Stuff I’m Up To

My February short fiction post is up at Skiffy and Fanty. Some powerfully emotionally evocative ones this month.

I also decided to start trying to cover at least one novella a month, because if there aren’t enough sources to filter and discover short stories, holy shit is the situation critical for novellas and novelettes. So in the column thus far are reviews of Genevieve Valentine’s Dream Houses and N.K. Jemisin’s The Awakened Kingdom. I liked the first one a lot, loved the second (and wow is my ass chapped it hasn’t shown up on any award short lists so far; if you are looking to fill out that section of your Hugo ballot and only have time for one, make it this one). 

I’m actually reading a novel right now, Jennifer Marie Brissett’s Elysium, which is mindfuckingly spectacular and a PKD award nominee this year. Got a few other ARC’s on my plate, including Ken Liu’s The Grace of Kings (permit me a NEENER NEENER), but after that I may need to, I dunno, quit novels for a while? Until I can figure out how to make a system, which I am historically not very good at.

That is all, happy reading!

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