Happy Birthday To My Blog

Manic Pixie Dream Worlds is one year old today (give or take a week or two; I’m not good with dates). The endeavor began as something of a lark, escapism after the worst year I’d ever had, and it kept me going through the second. I never expected that book blogging would result in so many new friendships, so many new ideas, so much intellectual expansion. So many great things.

Hence the blog makeover, and a few randomly assorted announcements/thoughts/whatever:

  • I have a new short fiction column at Skiffy and Fanty. Shaun asked me if I’d like to write one months ago; it took a long time to figure out how to get something together that represented what I’d like to see, which is closer to a zine or anthology editorial than a list of stories with reviews. (The way that most short fiction columns out there are organized just doesn’t suit the way my brain works.) It’ll feature the best five to eight short stories and novelettes I’ve read for the month, plus maybe in-depth reviews or other goodies on occasion.
  • Speaking of Skiffy and Fanty, we’re doing a women and nonbinary folks theme this year, which I’m excited about!
  • Thanks to a really lovely person I finally have a computer again. I’ve been without for three months, barely keeping up with the most critical things on a tablet. I’m behind on ARC’s and such and will be doing my best to catch up.
  • I also have saved up within me ALL the RANTS. These include one on how if you look at actual medieval history with respect to what’s going on in western Africa versus northern Europe, the presentation of marauding brown people and “civilized” white people in many fantasy texts is not just hella racist but the literal opposite of what actually occurred; why “hard” science fiction excludes books that present a laser-beam on sciences like anthropology and sociology typified in works by, say, Mary Doria Russell, Karen Lord, and Ursula LeGuin (spoiler: the answer is girl cooties); and why dudebro writers are hailed for their “amazing female characters” when they cannot refrain from randomly and lovingly describing their female characters’ breasts in those characters’ own PoV chapters (hint: “His banana hammock bunched uncomfortably as he ziplined from building to building” is not a description one comes across when reading). I’ve been informed rather recently that one can actually write book reviews and essays and such for money, which is something I’ll be exploring this year; is there a market for epic rants spiked with cussing and crass humor?
  • And finally, highlights of my first year of book blogging: discovering I loved short fiction; becoming part of the stories of Long Hidden, Women Destroy Science Fiction!, and Phantasm Japan by reading and reviewing them; Fairyland; and most importantly, all y’all.
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4 Responses to Happy Birthday To My Blog

  1. Nathan says:

    Here is to many more years. And lay the rants upon us!

  2. fromcouchtomoon says:

    Happy, happy blog-irthday! I’m especially enjoying the #DiverseSFF twitter convos that I peruse on my downtime.

  3. HUZZAH. Happy Birthday, Manic Pixie Dream World. Can’t wait to read all the rants.

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