Short Fiction Fridays: Sisters

Having a little sister — who is my partner in crime, general mayhem, and comedic performance art — I’ve always loved stories about them, whether they’re sisters of the blood or those of the heart. And I’ve read one of each this week, both stellar.

In Polenth Blake’s “Never the Same” the unnamed protagonist, who is trusted by no one, must solve the mystery of the failed terraforming of their world in order to save their sister.

“Girl, I Love You,” Nadia Bulkin’s story in the 2014 anthology Phantasm Japan, is a tale of revenge in a haunting post-apocalyptic world where magic is cheap and life is even cheaper.

Both are stories of loyalty, of the lies that people tell themselves, and of what it means to be tethered to a star that’s brighter — but more easily extinguishable — than yours.

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