Reading update.

Right now I’m reading an anthology called Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History, which is introducing me to lots of great newer writers. It will probably (hopefully!) be the first review I post elseweb, so here I will just say: this is a book that demands your attention. I’ve read a lot of anthologies and collections. I can say virtually without doubt that this is at least among the two tied for best I’ve read (the other being The Other Half of the Sky, which is kind of its science fiction twin).

Within it I discovered a dude author whose novels are now happily lodged in the TBR pile, Benjamin Parzybok. Newest novel to be released later this year is Sherwood Nation, a post-apocalyptic Robin Hood retelling, and his last was Couch, which looks like one of those too-rare books that really push the boundaries of spec fic.

Books I’ve read and loved recently that I haven’t had the time to write reviews for: Sarah Lotz’ The Three, horror/apocalyptic fiction; Mary Doria Russell’s Children of God, which was perhaps even better than its predecessor The Sparrow; and Caitlin Kiernan’s The Ape’s Wife and Other Stories, which includes a story about a sentient black hole. That LGBT reading challenge I started? Kiernan is just taking mine over.

That is all. I’ve got books to read.

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