New database for finding diverse speculative fiction.

Read all about the project and its creator Nikki Bailey here.

This is so cool, y’all. There are lots of speculative fiction databases on the Internet, but this is the first — covering women genre authors exclusively — that allows you to search for books on the basis of having female protagonists, main characters of color, and LGBT characters and relationships.

This project is only about two months old, so the database is pretty small thus far. However, the site allows its users to add entries to the database themselves (by ISBN, which makes it pretty convenient), as well as leave comments, reviews, and links to off-site reviews.

I have of course spent the entire day adding books and reviews in a fit of obsessive-compulsive pollution.

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2 Responses to New database for finding diverse speculative fiction.

  1. Nathan says:

    This is so cool. I have a list put together by someone (I think Elizabeth Bear?) saved on my old computer that I mine from time to time when I need ideas. I will be saving this database as well.

    • cecilykane says:

      It’s only two months old so it’s a pretty small database thus far, but it’s a great concept and I think it’ll grow quickly. Several books are being added by users every day.

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