Diversity of Setting: Africa.

I previously posted a list of a dozen or so SF/F books set in the Global South as a brief primer for those interested in exploring novels with settings other than those in Europe and America.

Here’s a much longer list of speculative fiction set in Africa, the African diaspora, and analogues thereof. These novels include everything from space operas to zombie apocalypses to alternate histories:

  • Who Fears Death, Nnedi Okorafor
  • Zulu Heart, Stephen Barnes
  • The Three Princes, Ramona Louise Wheeler (Egypt)
  • Black Man’s Burden, Mack Reybolds
  • The Icarus Girl, Helen Oyeyemi
  • Redemption in Indigo, Karen Lord
  • The Salt Roads and The New Moon’s Arms, Nalo Hopkinson (Caribbean)
  • The House of Discarded Dreams, Ekaterina Sedia
  • Patternmaster series, Octavia Butler
  • Evolution’s Shore, Ian McDonald
  • Imaro, Charles Saunders
  • Apocalypse Now Now, Charlie Human
  • The Leopard’s Daughter, Lee Killough
  • Daughter of the Lioness series, Tamora Pierce
  • Dreamblood series, N.K. Jemisin (Egypt)
  • Moxyland and Zoo City, Lauren Beukes
  • Creatures of Light and Darkness, Roger Zelazny (Egypt)
  • Kirinyaga and Ivory, Mike Resnick
  • Blue Remembered Earth, Alistair Reynolds
  • Deadlands, Lily Herne
  • The Three, Sarah Lotz (coming soon)
  • Something Wicked, an annual South African spec fic anthology

Finally, if you’re interested in primary source material, the Malian medieval epic Sundiata, translated by D.T. Niane, is very much worth reading.


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