WWE Challenge, Part Three.

Worlds Without End has a couple of dozen different annual reading challenges this year, following the success (I assume – I was certainly upset when I discovered I missed it) of last year’s women of speculative fiction challenge.

I decided to follow the women’s challenge – to read and review twelve novels written by women in twelve months – but with the caveat that I’d apply it to a few other challenges (since I read about 90% female authors, the original would not exactly be a major accomplishment). And thus, we have the women authors of color challenge and the female SF/F award winners challenge, among others.

And then I found the motherlode.

I was browsing the site when I clicked on a challenge to read winners or nominees of the Mythopoeic Award.

I had never heard of this award, and I scanned the list.

On it were the vast majority of the books in my TBR pile and well over half of my favorite fantasy novels.


Putting together this set left me irritable that I didn’t get two dozen instead of just one:

  • The Penelopiad, Margaret Atwood
  • In the Forests of Forgetting, Theodora Goss
  • Waking the Moon, Elizabeth Hand
  • Troubled Waters, Sharon Shinn
  • Lifelode, Jo Walton
  • The Innamorati, Midori Snyder
  • In the Forests of Serre, Patricia A. McKillip
  • Ill Met by Moonlight, Sarah A. Hoyt
  • Moonwise, Greer Gilman
  • Sister Light, Sister Dark, Jane Yolen
  • Prince of Annwn, Evangeline Walton
  • The Wood Wife, Terri Windling
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