“Apparently, these guys don’t want women to write science fiction”: In which a dude who I have never heard of insults a female author who I have heard of. And have a lot of respect for. And stuff.

Reading whatever the bowels of the Internet SF/F community belch up is emotionally exhausting all on its own, so an uncharacteristically brief rant:

I tire of a woman’s outfit, or haircut, or makeup, being the prism around which the content of what she is saying is (not being) discussed.

I tire of criticisms of a woman’s appearance being the go-to method for discrediting her.

I tire of grown-ass men who should know better.

And I really, really tire of some male writers getting their boxers in a twist over women writing sci-fi when the very first science fiction novel ever was written by a woman. And also the second.

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