I wanted to write an article today about the manic pixie dream girl trope – really, MPDG in our cultural consciousness and how it manifests in social realities. On what it means to sometimes be treated as ephemera, a tabula rasa on which to project an idealized fantasy, infinitely malleable clay to shape into familiar tropes – the adoring and deferential damsel, the pretty but mean cheerleader, the quirky and wholesome Whedonesque girl. On the available scripts to follow, and the ones that others wish to write for us.

Then I found out that it’s already been written. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to The MPDG.

  1. Betsy Blackledge says:

    Hey Its Betsy, I think what you said was well written and I like how you went into the other tropes as well. Why can’t women just be women?!!

  2. cecilykane says:

    Thanks Betsy!

    Why aren’t women allowed to just be women? Clearly, we are mysterious alien life forms. 😀

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